4 Easy Ways to Appreciate Employees Not on the First Shift


When an industry is reliant upon second and third shift employees to steer the company toward success, it is imperative that these team members feel appreciated. How can you demonstrate to your non-first shift employees that they are as important as those working the day shift? Before you make any decisions about your second or third shift teams, consider these four easy ways you can create a culture of gratitude for your second- and third-shift team members.

1. Make it a point to say thank you.

Creating a culture of gratitude can go a long way for your employees to feel as though they are appreciated. This is easy to do on the first shift because more management staff and executives are also in the workplace during those business hours. But the second and third shift also deserve the same types of recognition for their contribution. Simply saying thank you is a good start.

2. Provide access to leadership during their shifts.

Speaking of management, it is also important that your second and third shift employees have some access to the leadership of your company during their working hours. They may have a concern, question, or suggestion but no channel to get that information to upper management. Find a way for a leadership representative to have a presence during these additional shifts.

3. Make important announcements to other shifts.

Important announcements, changes in management, initiation of new processes, and more often happen during the first shift. But that means your second shift has to hear about these changes second-hand. Make sure that any time an important announcement is being made, you begin the second and third shifts by sharing this information as well. It can help make these employees feel like they are part of the team.

4. Provide a wellness program to help them stay healthy.

Second and third shift employees have some additional challenges that their first shift counterparts don’t. Working during hours where most people are at home enjoying their friends and family or sleeping can take a toll on the health of these employees. Make an extra effort to provide healthy alternatives for meals and snacks, exercise programs, and stress management solutions. It may also help to bring in a sleep expert to help your second and third shift employees get the most out of their experience.

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