3 Reasons Partnering with a Staffing Agency Helps Your Marine Company


You run a very specialized business. From every angle of your company, you need to hire individuals who understand the marine industry. But how can you do that when those skills aren’t available on every resume? Working with a staffing agency can help your marine company find and hire the right people with the right skills every time. Before you make that next hiring decision, consider contacting a staffing agency that focuses on marine professionals. Here are three reasons to consider when you give them a call.

1. Develop a relationship and a pipeline to talent.

When you work with a recruiter, you are expanding your network exponentially. This is especially true when the recruiter specializes in your industry. When it comes to very specific industry requirements, such as those for your marine company, utilizing all available resources is paramount. A recruiter and their sales team can assist you by connecting you to talented individuals throughout the community. Your recruiter is your staffing partner. They are trained to find the right people for your open jobs, so developing a relationship with them is paramount.

2. Each employee receives a safety orientation and pre-employment test.

There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to onboarding your talent for such specific jobs in the marine industry. And when you work with a specialized recruiter, they can provide all of the orientation you need to ensure that your new staff is ready and able to get to work. They can prescreen employees according to your qualifications. They can offer pre-employment testing to determine if the candidates possess the skills required. They can also provide a safety orientation that is designed with your shipyard in mind. This creates a culture of prepared employees who can hit the ground running with the right supervision and training.

3. Focus more on your specialized business.

Most importantly, when you work with a recruiter to assist you with your high-volume hiring, you are allowing yourself and your other managers to gain back valuable time you need to run your business. When you work within a marine company, there are a lot of essential requirements you need to manage to ensure success. Your workers are just a fraction of that process. Leaving the hiring process to trained professionals who can understand your industry and partner with you gives you more time to focus on the other critical aspects of running, and growing, your business.

Have you considered working with a staffing partner in the shipyard industry? Hutco specializes in marine industry placements and can help your organization hire the right people, so call today!