Improve these 5 Skills To Ace Your Interview

Interviewing can be intimidating, but job seekers looking for shipyard positions need to be prepared for their next meeting. There are several skills marine employers are looking for when it comes to being a top candidate, but they may not be exactly what you’re thinking. While specific industry related skills, such as welding or manufacturing, are essential to the roles, employers want to see so much more. Here are 5 skills you should work on before your next interview to have a better chance at landing the job.

  1. Safety awareness. In every shipyard along the Gulf coast and around the world values a culture of safety in the workplace. Before your interview, it’s important that you review the safety requirements and be able to communicate how you’ve been successful in following safety protocol throughout your career. Each company will have a different safety orientation, but general safety skills are universal and should be communicated.
  2. Communications skills. Another soft skill that’s required for any shipyard job is strong communication skills. Being able to communicate with coworkers, managers, and even executives will be critical for your success in a role. You should be comfortable communicating with people from a variety of levels, including potential customers, both in person and written.
  3. General labor. No matter how specialized your role is, there will always be a general labor component. Knowing how to work in a manufacturing environment will go a long way in relation to your work in a shipyard. There are aspects of work unique to only labor-based workplaces that you’ll need to be aware of prior to your interview.
  4. Math skills. There are a variety of positions within a shipyard environment that will requite a basic foundation in math. For example, it may be necessary to read and interpret blue prints. Or to measure materials for fabrication. Without a clear foundation in math, it will be more difficult to navigate the necessary work day-to-day.
  5. Critical thinking. Finally, to be successful in a shipyard, you’ll need to have strong critical thinking and problem-solving skills. As with any of the skills we’ve listed here, you will be need to demonstrate your abilities in the interview to show that you can think on your feet when necessary.

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