Want To Become A Leader? Take These Steps

There are a variety of roles within a shipyard, but often advancement comes with leadership positions. But it is a chicken or the egg question. Does career advancement come with leadership responsibilities or do leadership qualities lead to career advancement? If you want to be come a leader, it’s up to you to demonstrate how you can do that in your current role. You’ll be noticed and that will help you grow within the shipyard environment. Here’s how.

  1. Do your work well. The first and probably most important step is to be sure to do you own work well. If you begin to slack off at any time, that will be noticed. That’s not to say you can’t have a bad day or two, but if you want to get noticed it’s important that you’re able to perform at the top of your ability at all times.
  2. Help others. Another leadership quality that managers are looking for, both within a shipyard environment and elsewhere, is the ability to help others. When you see someone who may need assistance, don’t wait to be asked. You can take on the project of helping them overcome their obstacles.
  3. Present ideas. Management is also looking for people who are willing to share their ideas and thoughts with the company. If you think of a way that something can be done with more efficiency or in a safer way, don’t hesitate to present it to your supervisors. Out of the box thinking can help get you to the next level.
  4. Be consistent. Throughout the work you do, make sure you’re maintain a level of consistency. If your work varies from day to day, it will be noticed. If you are late for work or absent irregularly, that will also be noticed. Consistency is an important value for shipyards that often run under tight deadlines.
  5. Stay reliable. Finally, in order to demonstrate that you’re a leader and be recognized for your contributions, you need to be a reliable worker. As with consistency, be sure that you can be someone your managers and coworkers can count on to be available when they need you and perform at the top of your game.

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