How To Answer Tough Interview Questions

Before every job offer there is the dreaded gauntlet that is the job interview. No matter what role you want in the company, you need to get past the gatekeepers that hold the keys to those positions. When it comes to your next shipyard job, how do you answer the toughest interview questions you’ll be asked. There are so many of them and all you need to do is a quick Google search to see what kinds of questions employers are fond of asking, though they may ask in many different ways. Here are some of the tough questions you may hear and how you should approach them.

  1. What are you proud of in your career? Sounds like bragging, right? Well, it is a little. You want to communicate to the hiring manager what makes you stand out from the crowd. You want them to see that they have to have you for their shipyard operations because you’re such a valuable candidate.
  2. Why do you want to work for our shipyard? The hiring manager wants to know why you want to work for them specifically rather than any other marine job. This is where you’ll need to do research ahead of your interview. Learn about the specific company and be able to talk about the reasons they are the place you want to work.
  3. Tell me about a time when. Interviewers also like to use what’s referred to as behavioral interview questions. These questions are designed to encourage job seekers to share specific examples from their career. It could be about anything, but it will generally start with a variation on “tell me about a time when.”
  4. What is your biggest weakness? Finally, the question that most job seekers dread. It is such a common question that a trope has also existed for as long to take the weakness and turn it into a strength. But don’t do this. Don’t say something like “I’m just really good at what I do.” Instead, address a specific weakness from your past and share how you plan to overcome it.

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