Recognizing And Handling An Unhappy Employee

The signs you’re expecting when it comes to an unhappy employee aren’t always the signs that are there. While you may be expecting someone unhappy to quit their job in a rage, most of the time people suffer in silence until they can’t handle it any more. They may begin to quietly disengage from their job or their coworkers. Work performance may slip. And if you can recognize these micro-signs, you have a chance to improve the situation before a talented employee leaves your shipyard. Here are a few things to ty recognize employee unhappiness and handling it before it becomes a problem.

  1. Open up the lines of communication. It’s a common practice in the workplace to conduct an exit interview once someone has quit a job. But maybe it’s more important to talk to your team before they put in their notice to find out what’s going on day-to-day. Talk to your team members about their job, the things they like, and the things they have issues with. If you can solve these problems it can help you change the workplace culture to cultivate happiness.
  2. Provide positive reinforcement. It’s not uncommon for employees to feel dissatisfied because they feel the only time they hear from management is when something has gone wrong. Instead, take time to tell your workers when they’re doing something right. Gratitude goes a long way to promoting a healthy and engaged workplace. That isn’t to say you can’t provide constructive criticism when necessary, but be sure to also offer positive reinforcement along the way.
  3. Refocus on work/life balance. One of the biggest complaints from dissatisfied employees is that their employer didn’t seem to care whether or not they were able to enjoy their life outside of work. Coworkers spend more time with one another than they do their families in many cases, but that doesn’t make for more engaged employees. If you can, create a shift schedule where work/life balance becomes a priority rather than a byproduct.
  4. Partner with an agency. Of course, not every shipyard employee will be a good long term and happy fit with your company. But that doesn’t mean you have to struggle when there is a key position to fill. By establishing a relationship with an agency that specializes in marine placements, you’ll be able to fill necessary roles quickly and with top talent. The agency can also help you with onboarding and retention programs along the way.

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