The 4 Most Common Workplace Injuries

Safety is a top priority for Hutco and the shipbuilding industry. One of the best ways to prevent workplace accidents in the shipyard is to be aware of the most common causes and mitigate them through safety training and providing the proper tools. OSHA collects data on safety incidents, so reviewing those to create a plan is highly recommended. Here are 4 of the most common workplace injuries that affect shipyards.

  • Falls: Falls remain one of the top causes of injuries in the workplace, including shipyards. When employees are working around ladders, scaffolding, or dangerous materials, a fall can happen in a matter of seconds. A prevention plan allows the shipyard to maintain safety standards alerts their employees of problems to avoid situations where a fall can happen. There are a number of resources your shipyard can incorporate to reduce the likelihood of a fall or resulting injury.
  • Hazards: As with falls in the shipyard, communication about other hazards can also be a top priority. When a hazard occurs, such a spill or a mechanical malfunction, the most important step is for your employees, supervisors, or management to inform everyone of the danger and take appropriate steps to resolve it. Communication about a hazard should be an important aspect of your shipyard’s safety program.
  • Machine maintenance: In a fabrication environment, such as a shipyard, there will be a variety of machines utilized for day to day operations. Maintenance is an important aspect of your safety program, but the maintenance itself can create a dangerous situation. Create systems to ensure that machines are properly deactivated before any repairs or maintenance. For OSHA, this is referred to as Lockout or Tagout and must be followed for safety.
  • Fire: Shipyards to present a number of hazards simply not present in other manufacturing environments. And while fire is a danger in any facility, in the small confines of a ship in progress, especially with the use of welding equipment, fire can present a specific danger to workers in a shipyard. A fire safety program and having the proper equipment on site is essential to eliminate workplace accidents.

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