Improving Morale Series #1: Summer Picnic with Families

It’s never too early to start planning activities to keep your shipyard employees engaged. In the first of our series on improving employee morale, we want to focus on planning a great summertime picnic. Creating an environment that encourages your team to remain loyal and happy on the job is just a small piece of the puzzle for success, but it may be the most important. Here are some ways to plan your summer picnic with your team and their families.

  • Plan your venue. All along the gulf coast, there are plenty of public parks and beaches that can be a great place to host your annual summer picnic. Talk with other local organizations and see what they’ve done to help you narrow down the right location for your shipyard. You want something accessible for everyone invited.
  • Plan the date. You want to optimize the availability of your entire team, so try to pick a date that won’t overlap any pre-planned vacation time. Also, give your team plenty of notice so they don’t make other plans during that time frame. While it seems early to be discussing the company picnic now, first quarter is a great time to kick off your planning.
  • Plan for transportation. Helping your employees arrive at the picnic is also a great bonus. This is especially true if you plan to have beer or wine available. Give them an option to carpool, take a ride share, or charter a van or bus.
  • Plan activities for the kids. You want to make your summer picnic family-friendly, so be sure to consider the kids. Have activities to keep the kids entertained so that parents can spend their time socializing with their coworkers and spouses.
  • Plan a great menu. Finally, you want to create a stellar spread for everyone to enjoy. Some companies will host a cook-out while others will choose to have the food catered in. Whatever you decide, make sure there are plenty of choices for everyone in attendance.

Have you started planning your summer picnic? Contact the staff at Hutco to see how we can help you improve employee morale all year long in 2019.