Cyber Security in the year 2019: Are you Up To Date?

Information security is a big topic in technology circles. But many people don’t realize the impact it can have on other industries, like marine and shipbuilding. You may not think much about cyber security and your business, but the situation affects everyone regardless of their specialization. There are ways internet security will impact your business, so it’s best to have a clearer understanding of the threat and what to do about it.

  • Cyberattacks target databases. Cyber attackers often focus on databases containing large amounts of personal information. While you may not think about your system as data-rich as credit card companies or medical networks, there is plenty an attacker can find. You have a lot of sensitive information from your clients and suppliers, and this could impact your business and create an expanding problem for others.
  • Know you can’t do it all. You are in the ship building industry, so it’s okay that you don’t have a lot of background in cyber security. The first step is admitting that and the second is finding someone who can help you. You don’t need to know how to do it yourself, but you do need to know how to find the right people who can.
  • Consider the skills. There are a lot of experts in the field of cyber security who can help you, so take your time to talk to people in the industry to get more information. For example, you may want to talk with a professional that specializes in the manufacturing sector who can help you understand how cyber security applies to your operations.
  • Contract or hire? Now, you need to decide if you should hire an in-house internet security expert or work with a firm that handles everything from outside the company. There is not one right answer, so it will depend on a number of factors. That’s why you need to talk to experts to see how to handle it within your company.
  • Build trust with your clients. In shipbuilding, you’re often working with millions of dollars of investment from your clients. They trust you to build seaworthy vessels within their time frame and meeting their requirements. They should also trust you to keep their proprietary data secure. By addressing cyber security before an issue arises, you can give them this peace of mind.

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