Helpful Reminder: Are your Drinking Enough Water at Work?

As we head toward the summer months, it’s important that we pay attention to hydration. Truly, hydration is an important topic even when we aren’t facing the heat of the summer sun, but summertime makes it more apparent. There are signs of dehydration that you should watch for. Here are some of the ways you can spot signs of dehydration and heat sickness in yourself or others.

  • Dry mouth: This can occur for a number of reasons but the most common is a lack of hydration. If your mouth feels sticky and you’re not producing enough natural lubricating fluids it is probably time to up the water intake.
  • Fatigue: Excessive tiredness is also a sign of dehydration. This is very visible in children who tend to have a lot of energy to burn off during a sunny day outside. If they are tired during the day for no reason you might want to be concerned.
  • Thirst: For years experts have suggested that by the time your body is thirsty you’re already dehydrated. It is best not to let yourself feel thirsty but if you do, drink water immediately. If the water doesn’t satiate the thirst you may have extreme dehydration.
  • Dry skin: Dry and flaky skin is common any time of year and it means your skin isn’t moisturized enough. Proper hydration is important to maintain good skin health. If lotion isn’t helping, you may need more water.
  • Headache: Head pain can be a clear indicator of dehydration or heat sickness. If you’re feeling a little achy try to drink more water and you may actually prevent it from becoming a full-blown headache.
  • Dizziness and fainting: If you feel light headed or faint when you’re hot this may be a sign of dehydration. Sit down, drink water, and see if the feeling passes. Otherwise, you may need to head to the ER.
  • Fever or high body temperature: If you have no other symptoms of sickness that typically causes a fever but your body temperature is higher than average you should seek medical attention immediately.

Are you experiencing any of these symptoms at work? If so, you may not be drinking enough water.

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