4 Reasons Why Background Checks Are so Important

How do you know you’re hiring the right people for your shipyard? Do you run background checks on all your employees? With more tools than ever before available to employers, it’s a good idea to evaluate what works for you and how to use them to hire top talent. Before you run a background check, let’s take a look at the reasons they’re important.  


Makes the Shipyard Safer 

Safety is a top concern for shipyard management. Every employee needs to be trained and conscious of safety and the procedures. A background check will allow you to get a glimpse into the potentially unsafe behavior a candidate may have engaged in previously. You want to vet them to ensure they can uphold your safety standards.  


Gives You Peace of Mind 

Of course, a background check is designed to uncover the criminal past of potential employees. It will give you peace of mind with the decision to hire the candidate. Always make sure you have criteria in place ahead of time so you avoid making biased decisions. You may see minor charges that won’t affect their ability to do the job, but you may also uncover largescale problems.  


Demonstrates Integrity  

You want to see that a candidate has the same level of integrity you have in your corporation. A background check can give you essential insights into their background and past behavior so you know you’re making the best possible hiring decision.  


Reduces Liability Risk 

At the end of the day, your shipyard is a business that needs to remain productive and risk-free. A background check is like an insurance policy. While it can’t help you predict future behavior, it can give you an idea of past behavior, so you can decide if specific activities would make your company more liable if something were to happen.  


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