Guide to Becoming a More Effective Leader

What is the difference between a boss, a supervisor or a manger? All of these are leadership roles and it takes skill, perseverance, and talent to be effective. As a leader in your shipyard, it’s your job to motivate your staff and encourage productivity. Leading by example is a great way to get started, but it’s not the only effective leadership skill. What else can you do to ensure your team is satisfied in their ship building jobs? Here are a few things you can start doing today.  



Step one for any manager is to motivate your team. What makes your employees engaged at work every day? What motivates them to do a better job? Sure, they are expected to complete their work every day, but that’s not what keeps them motivated.  

Your job is to learn what motivates everyone on an individual level and work hard to play to their strengths. This will involve some creative thinking, but it’s extremely effective.  

Control Your Reactions 

We’ve all worked for bosses who fly off the handle whenever something goes wrong. You’ve hated it when other managers do it, so why would you behave the same way? No employee is going to respond well to supervisors who yell.  

Instead, figure out a more constructive way to get your message across. Learn to temper your emotions so you don’t alienate the very people you rely on.  

Hold People Accountable 

Of course, there should also be consequences to various actions. When someone makes a mistake, they should be held accountable. The real leadership skill is in knowing how and when to escalate a situation.  

For example, if someone is regularly late to work, start by letting them know and giving them a chance to make it right. If they can’t, you may need to take further action.  

Be Inclusive 

A good leader is someone who leads everyone, not just the people they like or get along with. You should be the person everyone is willing to come to if they have a concern, because they know you have their back.  

It’s important you judge each person individually according to their own skills and abilities and not focus on just one aspect.  


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