How to Deal With Conflict Between Employees

Conflict is sometimes a fact of life, especially in the workplace. As a manager, it’s important for you to constructively handle conflict between employees or with employees and management. Sometimes we tend to avoid conflict altogether, but this can result in even bigger problems in the shipyard if things are unresolved. Here are a few tips to help you deal with conflict between employees.   


See it From There Perspective  

When you need to manage conflict, you must take time to look at every side of the argument without judgment. Talk to everyone involved and remain impartial as you gather the facts. Then take some time to see it from all perspectives before you choose your position.   


Allow Everyone to Provide Feedback  

This is why it’s important to give everyone equal time. Talk to the individuals involved one-on-one before gathering them as a group. But it’s also important to see the group dynamic to understand the interpersonal challenges that might be affecting the situation.   


Offer Data   

Once you have gathered all the data, begin to analyze it as objective away as possible. Where did the conflict arise? What possible solutions could work to resolve it. As a manager, it’s your job to provide the data to help your team come to their conclusions before you step in and enforce any rules.   


Avoid and Discourage Personal Attacks  

One of the biggest problems with office conflict is that it often devolves into personal attacks. Maintaining a policy against bullying and harassment, make sure you’re discouraging personal attacks as a form of argument.   


Manage the Process   

Throughout the process of resolving conflict, make sure you’re managing it every step of the way. After the initial discussion, establish a time for further talks and to check in after an agreement is reached to see how everyone is conducting themselves. The hope is the resolution will be favorable for everyone, but sometimes conflict isn’t always easy to eliminate. You will need to be continuously aware in case you have to take measures to separate the employees.   

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