5 Ways to Use Social Media to Find Top Talent

Using social media to find shipyard talent

You may not think your shipyard needs a social media presence, but you might be surprised to learn how many people are using these platforms to find jobs. Even in manufacturing and shipyards, individuals are on their phones looking for their next opportunity. Since the job search landscape has changed, it’s essential that you change right along with it. Here are five ways you can use social media to find top talent along the Gulf Coast.

Post Jobs Online

The fastest way to reach new candidates is to post your jobs online. Not only should you have them on your website, but you should push them to your social media channels. When people follow you on Facebook, they’re going to see your jobs.

Build Relationships

Social media is more than a place to post jobs. The social aspect is just as important. You want to develop relationships with potential candidates, so they feel like they want to work with you. Use your platforms to engage with job seekers, answer questions, and drive traffic to your hiring process.


The rule on the internet is 20/80. 20% of what you post should be self-promotion, but the other 80% should be about education. Use your social media to share news about the shipbuilding or marine industry and position yourself as a subject matter expert. Then intersperse that with information about your company.

Build a Brand

Your social media platforms need to be consistent with your overall company branding. Use the same design, colors, and images from your website, so people visiting all of your online resources will recognize in an instance that it’s you.

Be Available

When someone does reach out to you through social media, don’t just let their information fall into a black hole. Be responsive. Answer questions. And when you receive a resume, honestly review it and connect back, even if they’re not a good fit for you at the time.

Do you think social media can help you find top shipyard talent? Contact Hutco to learn more about social media and recruiting.