Tips For Retaining Your Best Shipyard Employees

Retaining shipyard employees

Do you know if your top performers are truly happy in their jobs? You may not realize it, but they could already be thinking about their next career move. When people are dissatisfied with their current roles, their bosses are often the last to know about it. So how can you make sure you retain your top talent in a way that makes them excited about their jobs? Here are some tips to help you out.

Give them New Responsibilities

If your team is bored, they’re probably wondering what next. Find a way to challenge them and re-engage them in what you do as a shipyard. Provide additional responsibilities and ways for them to improve their skills and learn new things on the job.

Show Respect

When you display your authority in the workplace through anger or micromanagement, you’re going to drive top talent away. You hired these employees because they’re good at what they do, so trust them to do their job with minimal interference from you.

Pay More

If you have any flexibility, consider raising pay rates to give your top performers and incentive to stay. If your employees think they can be paid more and appreciated more in a new company, they are going to jump ship. It can be helpful to look at your competition as well as online resources like to determine the fair pay for jobs in your area.

Say Thank You

You may not think about it, but have you thanked your employees for what they do for you lately? Gratitude goes a long way, as does recognition. Provide incentives for good work but also be sure to say thank you once in a while.

Encourage Time Off

If your employees are feeling burned out, a new job may not be the only solution. They may be frustrated that they don’t take time off. They may feel like they can’t because they’ll be replaced. Change that way of thinking and encourage them to take time away from the shipyard, so they come back to work refreshed.


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