What New Technology is Coming to the Shipyard Industry?

Technology in shipping industry

Technology is making a significant impact on all aspects of manufacturing and fabrication. The same is most certainly true for shipbuilding. So what technologies are going to be impacting the shipyard most in the coming months? Or what are things that have already made a difference in the way the industry works? Here are a few things we see on the horizon that may play a part in your shipyard.

Remote Operated Vehicles

It’s pretty cool technology, and it’s becoming more common in the marine industry. Underwater remote operated vehicles, or ROVs, are revolutionizing the industry. For the shipbuilding industry, these ROVs can be used for inspection and maintenance in underwater areas where humans can’t reach.

ROVs can also be used for port security threats. They can be used by all levels of government and private organizations to improve safety and security in ports and on ships.

Individuals can learn to operate these underwater ROVs, which can improve marketability in the maritime industry. One or two people generally operate them, and they don’t require a lot of set-up to get started. These particular ROVs, such as the Deep Trekker ROV, are smaller than their predecessors and deployment and recovery are easier.

Artificial Intelligence

AI, or artificial intelligence, has been sweeping the nation and the world for some time. Advancements in this technology, led by companies like IBM, are changing nearly every industry. While the maritime industry is transforming across the world, AI can make things easier.

One such integration includes shipping logistics and communication technology. Artificial intelligence can track information and even predict outcomes and make recommendations.

AI can also be used to help the shipping industry assess security risks and provide a roadmap for improvement. This will reduce costs overall.

Autonomous Ships

Though it feels like something from the far future, autonomous ships are closer than we think. Unmanned vehicles, just like self-driving cars, are going to be a reality soon and that includes within the shipping industry.

While it can look like sailors and captains will be out of jobs, this is more of an evolution of the industry than the end of it. Autonomous ships can reduce the factor of human error and increase safety in shipping. It will also completely change the way cargo ships interact and explore.


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