What Not To Do During Your Next Shipyard Interview

What Not To Do During Interview

Interviewing is the perfect chance to make a great impression on a shipyard employer. But time and time again, candidates make simple mistakes that cause them to be rejected. What are some of these things that you should avoid with every interview? Here is a shortlist of what not to do in your next shipyard interview.

Not Know About the Company

One of the biggest mistakes job seekers make is not knowing enough about the company. You may think that a shipyard is a shipyard, but you can set yourself apart if you already know something about the company itself. Google them, look them up on LinkedIn, and check out their other social media.

Talk About Money

There may be some cases where a shipyard job has a certain pay rate. But if not, the first interview is not a great place to talk about salary. It’s also the case that if you think a position should pay more, you shouldn’t bring that up in your first meeting or they will assume you’re only in it for the money.

Be Late

Your interview is a chance to make an impression. And arriving late is never going to make a great impression. Plan your drive so you know that you can arrive a few minutes early. If for any reason there is an emergency on your way, be sure to call them to let them know.

Forget Your Resume

Yes, the interviewer should have your resume on hand, but that doesn’t absolve you from bringing a copy or several as well. It’s never a bad idea to have a job search portfolio that you stock with resumes and other information ahead of time, so you’re always prepared.

Talk Badly about a Previous Employer

Employers see it all the time, and it never sets a good tone. They will ask you why you left your last position, and you can’t use that as a chance to complain about your former company, boss, or coworkers. Companies want to hire positive people and they fear that you’ll have the same attitude working for them.

Leave Your Cell Phone On

Finally, when you enter an interview, make sure you turn your phone off or prevent it from ringing. Though, even if you turn the ringer off, you have to avoid answering it. Let your friends and family know when your interview is and you can call them back.

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