Do You Have The Common Personality Traits to a Successful Welder?

Welder personality traits

Yes, you have the skills it takes to be a welder. You may even have shipyard experience. But what if those skills aren’t enough to land you your next welding job? Companies hire based on fit, and that means you need to have some personality traits that will be a match for the shipyard and the job. What are the most common soft skills and personality traits for successful welders? Let’s take a closer look.


Interpersonal Skills

Welding is just a small part of the whole when it comes to shipbuilding. Meaning, you will have to interact with others in the shipyard from management to labor and everything in between. You’ll need to be able to discuss with the fabricators and the installers regarding the welding that you’re doing so you know every part of the process is on the same page.


Problem Solving

Welding is nothing if not problem-solving. The entire concept, bonding metal together using other metal, is an amazing example of the ingenuity of human problem-solving. But there will be plenty of occasions in your shipyard job where you need to solve more individual problems to make sure production is met and everything is to the standards your employer and customer demand.


Comfort Level with Math and Science

Welding itself is a very physical skill, but it is grounded in math and science. From the measurements that need to be accurate to the reactions between certain metals, there will always be things to calculate and determine throughout the welding process. When you’re applying, you may be tested on math and science skills, so be prepared.


Physical and Mental Endurance

Finally, welding is a hot and heavy job that will require you to stand, bend, and use heavy equipment every day. It needs to be something you can do and do well. Yes, you will get breaks, and you need to stand up for your ability to do that, but you also need to have the endurance, both mental and physical, to handle the workload.

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