These Resume Mistakes Might Be Hurting Your Job Chances

Resume Mistakes

Your resume is the first impression you’ll make when seeking your next shipyard job. But so often, hiring managers see the same mistakes over and over again. What mistakes do you need to avoid to give you the best chance possible for a callback and to land the job? Here are the most common resume mistakes and what to do instead.


You Don’t Demonstrate Results

Long gone are the days when a resume was just a list of skills based on your experience. Today, employers are looking for candidates who can prove they were effective using these skills. On your resume, showcase some of the ways you achieved positive results in your past positions using the skills the company is looking for in their new shipyard candidates.


You Share Too Much Information

On the flip side, a resume doesn’t need to be an exhaustive list for everything you’ve ever done. And it also shouldn’t include personal information that could lead to discriminatory hiring decisions. Leave off any irrelevant information. You only have to go back ten years of relevant job experience. And make sure you don’t include anything personal such as marital status or age.


You Didn’t Edit

There is another thing that is well within your control when it comes to your resume. You need to edit it completely for grammar and spelling. If a hiring manager sees a resume with many errors that should have been caught, they will disregard you as a candidate regardless of your experience. It can be hard to catch our own mistakes, so have a friend, or family member read it over.


It’s Too Generic

You also need to make sure you’re tailoring your resume for the job description. Generic resumes don’t engage the employer enough to give you a call. You need to tailor each resume to the specific job description to impress each individual employer. Take some time to update your resume before you submit.

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