5 Ways You Can Keep Your Shipyard Employees Motivated During the Holidays

Motivate Employees During Holiday Time

The holidays can be so hard for a lot of reasons. First, there’s the overwhelming stress of the season. With the commercialization of the holidays, many people feel like they have to struggle to keep up. There’s also the desire to be anywhere but work with all the celebrations and events happening. The fear of missing out can be powerful. But for your shipyard, December may also be a time when you need all hands on deck. How can you keep your shipyard employees motivated this holiday season?  

Give Gifts 

The holidays are all about gift-giving, so spread the joy to your employees. Your gesture doesn’t have to be anything extravagant, just something to let them know you’re thinking about them and appreciate the work they’re doing. Gift cards are popular or small gifts for the holiday season, such as a commemorative ornament.   

Share Food 

Sharing a meal with people you appreciate is also a great way to encourage participation. Consider bringing in food to your worksite to get your employees excited about the holidays and the work they’re doing. Even something as simple as pizza on Fridays can encourage your team to perform better on the job.  

Offer Flex Hours 

Acknowledge that the holidays can be stressful. That means your employees have more going on in their lives than usual. Maybe they need a day to go holiday shopping or flexible hours to see their children perform in a holiday pageant. If you can, provide an opportunity to be flexible with hours and shifts this season.  

Host a Party 

Beyond gift giving and bringing food into the workplace, consider throwing a holiday party. This is an opportunity for your staff, at all levels, to celebrate together away from the work environment. The party can be as casual or as formal as you would like. 

Offer a Bonus 

Of course, there is always one thing that people agree motivates them to do more. Consider giving your production team an end of year bonus to thank them for what they do. For your contingent workforce, talk to your staffing partner about how to make this work for them as well. Everyone should feel appreciated during the holidays and all year long.  

How can you engage your team over the holidays this year? Contact Hutco to see how we can help.