Important Skilled Rigger Qualities 4/5: Ability to Climb

ability to climb

In our ongoing series about skilled riggers, their duties, and requirements for the job, we’ve talked about a number of aspects. But so far, we’ve left out a big deal for a lot of people. A skilled rigger needs to have the ability to climb. While much of the job is based on direction, structure, and communication, there is also an element of risk in terms of actually climbing a rig. Here are some things to consider in terms of the ability to climb.  

Safety First 

The most critical skill set for anyone in the shipyard or shipping industry is safety. There is a myriad of safety considerations for riggers, especially considering the heights and structures involved. The ability to climb is only a portion of the experience you should bring to the table. The safe methods of climbing and the use of safety equipment, like a harness, is imperative.  

Training Courses 

OSHA requires safety training for a variety of workers who are responsible for climbing various types of scaffolds and larger rigging. Riggers must complete any necessary safety training before they’re given the reins to begin their jobs. If you bring this skill to the table in a new job, be sure to provide documentation.  

Light Lifting 

While climbing, some riggers will need to do some light lifting. There is a right way and a wrong way to accomplish this. Knowing how to lift items while climbing is an essential part of the process, so you need to ensure the safety of yourself as well as any workers below. No matter how light an item is, if it falls from a great height, it can do damage.  

Ropes and Other Tools 

You also need to understand the use of ropes and other climbing tools in the process of rigging. Ropes, knots, connectors, carabiners, pullies, and other tools will be essential in your toolbox, and knowledge of how to use them is critical. Before you can find your next rigging job, you need to prove proficiency using these items safely and efficiently.  

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