Promoting From Within – Why Developing Your Current Team Is Better For Business

promoting from within

Do you promote from within in your shipyard? There are plenty of reasons why developing your current team is best for your business. If you want to consider the strategies you should use in the office, here are some of the reasons you should promote and how to know when to take an employee to the next level of their career.

The Challenges of Hiring vs. Promoting

Before you decide to hire someone new for an open position, consider the advantages of promoting from within. For example, you may believe that hiring someone with multiple years of experience will bring a certain expertise to your team, but they can also bring bad habits that are at odds with your shipyard culture. It’s far easier to hire entry-level positions than to retrain an experienced employee on the job.

Why Promote A Current Employee?

They have high production numbers.

The output is an essential metric in your shipyard. What is their production value in relation to others doing the same or a similar job?

They put in extra effort.

You want to promote someone willing to do more than the bare minimum. They take extra time and strive to make things perfect.

The create solutions rather than complaints.

You want someone who is solutions-oriented, not someone who complains when things get hard. Look for someone who will take the initiative to solve a problem.

They teach others what they know.

Is someone standing out as a natural leader even when they’re not in a leadership role? Someone willing to teach and help others is someone who will be able to take the next step in their career.

They want to learn new things.

Of course, learning doesn’t stop. Someone you should consider in terms of a promotion is a person always wanting to improve their skills and interested in learning new things.

They want that promotion.

You also want to promote someone who wants to be promoted. They are self-starters and ambitious employees interested in taking their career to the next level. They will work harder to ensure they are the right fit for you.

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