SLAM: Raising Situational Awareness For Your Workers

Situational Awareness

SLAM is an acronym for stop, look, analyze, and manage. It helps your workers have more situational awareness, which will boost safety on the job and prevent injuries. The idea is to have an easy to remember system in place to gauge the safety of any incident they might encounter in your shipyard.


Every time an employee takes on a new task, or if they see something that may be concerning, their first reaction should be to stop. When employees launch into situations before assessing them properly, they run the risk of having a problem. Taking a beat is the first step.


Next, your employees need to be advised to look. This means to inspect anything they’re going to be -working with, assess the situation with large materials, handling, lifting, or fabricating. They need to be trusted to observe these issues and be able to report anything that might be incorrect before proceeding.


Your team is also made up of skilled professionals. You need to trust them to ensure that they can accurately analyze the risk before starting a specific project or aspect of the job. But you also need to give them the tools they need, including safety training, to make the right decisions while they’re working.


If a problem is detected, can they fix it themselves? Or do you have a chain of command that needs to be followed? There may be different protocols for different cases. Your employee needs to know the best way to manage risk and what they need to do moving forward before they can continue working as usual.

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