The Second Interview – 10 Ways You Can Continue To Stand Out

second interview

Is there anything more nerve-wracking than a job interview? No matter the position, meeting with that potential employer for the first time can be downright scary. And a lot of thought goes into making that first impression. But what happens when they call you in for the second interview? How can you possibly stand out from the crowd when you have to do it all over again? Here are ten things you can do to ace that second interview.

1. Ask for the Agenda

For a second interview, the employer may have specific things they want to talk about. In some cases, they’ll want to do a skills test or may have you meet other people. The more you know, the better you can prepare.

2. Review Questions and Answers

You will be answering some of the same or very similar questions as you did in your initial interview. You don’t want to sound like a broken record, so it may be helpful to think about some of these questions and other ways you can approach the answer.

3. Ask Questions Up Front

If you have any substantive questions about the second interview, be sure to ask them upfront. It can be disconcerting if your expectations are different than the experience once you arrive, so plan ahead and simply ask.

4. Prepare Questions to Ask in the Interview

Of course, you will also want to ask intelligent questions in the interview. Consider some of the things you talked about in your first interview. Are there any clarifying questions you can ask that show that you were thinking about these subjects?

5. Practice Confidence

Before the second interview, practice your confidence levels. You can do this by striking a “power pose” before you go in for the meeting. Imagine yourself as a superhero. Put your fists to your hips, stand straight, and raise your chest. Think about how confident you feel and take that feeling into the room.

6. Prepare for Group Interviews

Many second interviews are group interviews. You want to be prepared ahead of time. This is an excellent question to ask, but even if you don’t or even if they don’t provide the answer, it’s always good to expect that it might be a group interview.

7. Dress Professionally

Even for a warehouse, manufacturing, or shipyard position, you still want to make a good impression. While a suit might be overkill, you still want to be dressed professionally. Take cues from the people you saw around the workplace last time you were there.

8. Consider Things You Didn’t Say Before

Maybe you forgot to mention something in your last interview. This is the chance to make it right. Perhaps you were asked a question, but you wish you had said something else. You can revisit that topic here.

9. Prepare for a Site Visit

During a second interview, they may take you on a tour of the facility. You may want to ask if you need to wear anything special for safety ahead of your meeting. This will give them a good perspective on your interest.

10. Send a Follow Up

Just like with a first interview, you want to send a follow up after the meeting. If it’s a group interview, be sure to get cards or contact information for everyone you met. Then send an email thanking them for their time and looking forward to the next steps.

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