Training You Should Provide to Your Industrial Workers in 2021

training you should provide to your workers

We are about to cross another annual threshold. For many of us, seeing an end to 2020 is a welcome symbol with the hopes to put some of the challenges of the year behind us. But that doesn’t mean that we’ll wake up on January 1st to a whole new world. Now is the time to consider your plan for the next year, including training you should provide to your industrial or shipyard workers. Here are some things to consider in the New Year.


Training Needs Analysis

Step one in determining your training plan for 2021 is to analyze your current program and determine any holes that need to be filled. That’s one of the reasons your company should regularly run data reports to see how all of the systems of your business are interconnected. Once you’ve conducted your analysis, you can make the plan moving forward.


Safety Training

One essential aspect of work in a shipyard is training. This is something that needs to be reinforced consistently, not just done when someone starts work. You can update your current safety training regularly to ensure that it covers all aspects of working in your environment, safety procedures, emergency responses, and best practices. Continually address safety throughout 2021.


Pandemic Training

2020 has been a long and difficult year. With the COVID-19 pandemic still impacting individuals all across the country, it’s essential that companies have a plan in place moving forward. A second wave is expected to hit in the winter months as outdoor activities dwindle. To prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, consider the ways you can reinforce pandemic safety in the workplace into the next year.


Onboarding New Team Members

Did you know that 30% of new employees quit their jobs within the first 90 days? It’s a startling statistic that employers should take very seriously. It’s also been demonstrated that good onboarding programs that go beyond just training help keep new employees engaged on the job. Onboarding encompasses training, orientation, and an introduction to the team and the work environment. Focusing on onboarding for 2021 will help you retain top talent.


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