Why Partner with Hutco? Solutions Custom Built for You

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We know that if there is one universal truth, it’s that there are infinite solutions to any given problem. That’s why your marine staffing process shouldn’t be one-size-fits-all. No matter what position you’re filling, you will want to see the best possible candidates and ensure that your team succeeds from the start. That’s why you should partner with Hutco. Every one of our staffing solutions is custom-built for you. How does that work? Let’s take a closer look.

Expansive Network

Hutco has specialized in shipyard staffing for decades. We’ve spent this time building expansive networks of candidates from all over the country. We want to match top talent to great companies. You won’t just have access to the local candidate market, we’ll be able to match your specific need with a qualified expert from anywhere in the country looking for exactly the right opportunity to work with you.

Prescreening for Qualifications

All of our candidates have been prescreened to determine they’re a fit for employment with your organization. We interview everyone to learn what they can do, what they like to do, and the kind of company they want to work with. That, along with their specific experience, will paint a big picture of each candidate so we can make the best match. Once a resume or application comes across your desk, you know the background work has already been completed.

Skills Tested

We don’t just rely on interviewing to determine the qualifications of our candidates. Every candidate is skills tested based on your specific procedures before being considered for a job in your shipyard. From general shipyard conduct, performance, and processes to more advanced skills and specializations, every single candidate is tested to ensure they are qualified to perform the job at the highest levels.

Safety Oriented

Safety is a number one priority at Hutco. We will conduct safety orientations custom-designed for specific shipyard environment. Each employee will be trained with your safety protocol in mind and need to have a complete understanding of your processes before beginning to work in your shipyard.

Is hiring qualified employees your top priority? Call Hutco now.