3 Ways to Successfully Cross-Train Your Shipyard Workers

Cross-training has long been an important tool for any manufacturing or fabrication industry. The idea is that your key employees can handle multiple functions, improve performance, increase job satisfaction, and keep production on schedule in case of emergencies. So how do you cross-train your shipyard workers? Here are 3 things you can do starting today.

1. Make Training Accessible

Ultimately, for cross-training to work, it needs to be accessible for everyone in your shipyard. While mentorships are often a great way to offer cross-train, they need to be handled in moderation to become a burden to your workforce. Instead, create a program to record the knowledge held by your more experienced workforce to create training materials that can facilitate learning for the rest of your staff.

Allow for employees to learn at their own pace before accessing direct training from others in the shipyard. Well-managed mentorships are the next logical step in the process.

2. Provide Incentive for Skill Development

Cross-training provides no benefit to the company if your team isn’t motivated to participate. To do this, providing incentives to encourage additional skill development will give your team a reason to get involved in continuous learning.

The reward system doesn’t have to be complicated. Even small recognition will encourage your employees to take the initiative in the training process, and gratitude goes a long way. You can also reinforce that cross-training will add value to the organization and their career growth.

3. Ramp Up Slowly

It’s also important to note that employees who are learning a new skill will not perform at the same level as workers who have a lot of experience. Moderate your expectations as people are continuing the learning process.

A reduced workload for anyone learning new tasks will also give them a reason to continue as they will be nurtured in the job rather than thrown from the frying pan into the fire. As they gain confidence, their work capacity in the new role will also increase.

Cross-training not only helps your employees feel more satisfied in their careers but can benefit your shipyard when more people can pitch in on various tasks.

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