How Positivity Can Affect Your Shipyard

Returning to work

Positivity may be more important than you realize. And creating a culture of positivity in your shipyard has the potential to increase employee and customer satisfaction, productivity, and efficiency. An organizational attitude developed from the top-down is one way to reinforce the positive behavior you want to promote in your shipyard. Here is how a culture of positivity can improve your operations.

Make Onboarding and Training a Priority

When you hire someone new, you want them to make a good first impression when they start. You have certain expectations of how they will act in the workplace. The same is true for employees, they want to start with a positive first impression of your shipyard. That’s why a strong onboarding and training program is so important. It gives them an understanding of not only the job but the company culture and expectations.

Focus on Safety and Comfort in the Shipyard

Safety is always a top priority for manufacturing or fabrication environments. You need to ensure the safety of every worker on your team and reinforce their participation in safety programs. Doing this through positive reinforcement is always preferable over a punishment-based system. You can also focus on employee comfort to make them excited about working in your shipyard.

Check-in Regularly

Your team needs to hear from management regularly. This does not mean that you should micromanage their productivity, but rather you should take a genuine interest in their experience on the job. Accept feedback, make positive changes, and demonstrate gratitude. This will also give them the understanding that the door is open, which will encourage more collaboration and communication with all levels of the organization.

Provide Career Advancement Opportunities

One key ingredient for employee satisfaction is that they will be a part of the team in the long term. Providing opportunities for continued learning and advancement in your shipyard will mean lower turnover and replacement costs for your company. People want to know that they are an investment and their employer is willing to use their resources to ensure they’re engaged on the job.

Can a positive attitude for both management and employees improve performance in your shipyard?

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