Mapping the Way to Better Maintenance: Find Better Maintenance Crew Candidates

Shipyard Safety

There are a lot of essential positions in your shipyard. Your maintenance crew is one of those key puzzle pieces. So how do you hire top talent for maintenance? Before you advertise and interview for your next open position, consider creating this road map to hiring a better maintenance crew in your shipyard. Let’s take a closer look.

Employer Branding

You might think that the best way to find a top maintenance crew for your shipyard is to place an ad and review resumes. But how do the top candidates know to apply? You do this through your employer brand. This is the culture of your company that keeps employees engaged and showcases that you’re a top employer. Consider the ways to promote your company to attract top maintenance talent.

Candidate Expectations

When hiring, it’s important to communicate effectively with candidates. Stay ahead of the game by ensuring that you’re keeping them up to date with every step. Candidates should be made aware of the steps and what to expect moving forward. Be sure to communicate with candidates you are not selecting at this time as you never know when they might be right for a future position.

Streamlined Process

Did you know that your application process could have the unintended consequence of letting top talent eliminate themselves from the process? It’s been demonstrated that an overly complicated application and interview process causes candidates to drop out, even if they would be a strong fit for the job. Keep your application process streamlined to make it easier to navigate.

Strong Definitions

A lot of things are included under the umbrella of maintenance. To find the right fit for your specific shipyard, you need to be clear about the duties and their definitions. You want candidates to come into the process with the knowledge and confidence that they understand the expectations of the job, so clear communication is essential.

The right maintenance team is critical for the success and smooth operation of your shipyard. Partnering with the right staffing partner to help you fill these essential roles will be the key to your future.

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