7 Tips for Safeguarding Workers from Falls

fall safety

Falls are one of the most common causes of accidents in the workplace. OSHA attributes them to high numbers of workers’ compensation claims each year. As an employer, it’s your responsibility to ensure that falls are preventable in your shipyard. They affect not only the workers injured but can also impact productivity and fabrication. Here are some of the suggestions from OSHA to protect your employees.

1. Guards for Floor Holes

If your shipyard has floor holes, you need to provide a guard to prevent workers from falling into them. A railing, toe board, or floor hole cover are all acceptable solutions.

2. Guard Rails on Platforms

Platforms can become tripping hazards and should always have guard rales and toe-boards. These safety protocols should be in place for every elevated open-sided platform, floor, or runways.

3. Machine Guard rails

Machines can be dangerous even when your team is trained in safety compliance. If it’s possible for a worker to fall into an unsafe machine or other equipment such as a conveyor belt, you must provide guard rails and toe boards.

4. Provided Safety Equipment

The safety equipment you provide may be specific to the shipbuilding industry. Some jobs may require fall protection for all employees, such as safety harnesses, nets, or hand railings.

5. Safe Working Conditions

Throughout your shipyard, your management team needs to ensure that employees have safe working conditions. They must be free of any known dangers, and regular training on accident prevention should be provided.

6. Clean and Dry Floors

Floors in all of your work areas need to be kept clean and dry at all times. Specific to the shipyard, it’s essential to know how to handle water to prevent falls.

7. Training

Every employee needs to be trained for safety, including fall prevention, when they start working at your shipyard. Continuous training needs to happen to reinforce policies and procedures.

Hutco makes a commitment to safety. Every worker completes a mandatory and comprehensive safety program. Before starting work in your shipyard, we will perform a safety orientation and pre-employment safety test. Our employees are expected to follow all safety procedures and promote safety and awareness at the workplace.

Are you looking for dedicated, safety-oriented employees in your shipyard? Call Hutco today.