Incorporating Ergonomics in Your Shipyard Can Decrease Accidents

Incorporating Ergonomics

Ergonomics is the study of how people work comfortably and efficiently in their workplace. It can include many aspects, including the type of desk or chair you sit in when working. There are many potential areas in your shipyard job that can be positively impacted by keeping ergonomics in mind. Musculoskeletal disorders can develop and cause long-term repercussions due to force, repetition, body posture, and contact stress. Here are several aspects to keep in mind to prevent fatigue and pain.

Employee Involvement

Ergonomics requires the participation of people. It’s the science of human interaction with the environment, including tools and equipment that work with the motions of our bodies. Involving your employees from the start to determine how natural and safe movement can be engaged on the job will benefit your safety program long term.


When proper protocols are developed, it’s essential to reinforce requirements through training. Not only should your team be trained using the appropriate safety equipment, but they should also be trained to recognize the signs and symptoms of fatigue or movements that can cause pain. This should start with their initial orientation and continue through their tenure on the job.

Identifying Problems

It’s also important to continually assess the workplace to identify any problems that can cause injury and long-term pain. Continual reevaluation with plans to improve processes should be the responsibility of your safety manager and their team. You can also encourage your team to self-report.

Creating Solutions

Identifying problems is not helpful unless you also create solutions. When a problem with ergonomics is identified, it’s time to review that process and develop a solution to provide more safety for your team members. This can be done in conjunction with the safety team and the employees themselves.

Reporting Incidents

OSHA is the governing body of safety in the workplace, and reporting incidents is essential to their continual efforts. When a situation occurs, be sure to report it properly. OSHA then uses this information to inform better and more up-to-date safety standards in the future.

Could ergonomics make a huge difference for your marine employees?

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