Give Back to Your Employees This Holiday Season Utilizing These Cost-Effective Tips

Your employees deserve recognition for their hard work, especially during the holidays. How do you celebrate in your shipyard? Employees love to feel appreciated, and there is no better time of year to give back than during the winter holiday season. Here are a few things you can do this year that won’t break the bank.

A Holiday Party

A tried and true staple of the season is the holiday party. There are countless ways this can be accomplished. Some companies like to have employees participate and host a potluck. Others want to give their employees a night to remember with a formal event. You can go in between with a nice dinner or an evening at a local gathering space.

Time Off

If you can, providing additional time off during the holidays is always a welcomed perk. Some companies give employees a day off early in December so they can shop for the holidays. Others like to give days off closer to the end of the month so employees can spend time with their families. You can create a rotating schedule, so you always have coverage in the shipyard.

Gift Cards

Another inexpensive way to show your gratitude for your team is to give them gift cards to favorite local businesses. This way, your employees can use it to buy whatever their favorite thing is at that establishment. Or you can choose to give a Visa gift card instead of a cash gift.

Subscription Box

A popular idea right now is to get your employees a subscription box. Most companies allow you to buy and gift just one month’s subscription, and your employees can try it out and see how they like it. There are boxes for everything from sweet treats to mystery games they can solve at home with their families.

Secret Santa

You can also coordinate a fun activity between your team members to promote good relationships between coworkers. A Secret Santa is when you have each employee draw a name, and they need to buy a small gift to be exchanged at an office holiday party.

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