The Importance of Workplace Safety & How to Implement Better Practices

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Safety is a top priority in shipyards and other marine industry jobs. That’s why it’s a top concern for Hutco and our team. But what is the importance of workplace safety, and how can you implement better practices moving forward? All companies, big and small, need to incorporate safety processes into the workplace, so let’s look at some things you can do today.

Occupational Safety and Health Risks

Every company needs to take responsibility for the health and safety of its workers. When the risks are higher, safety protocol needs to be more intense. Within a marine environment, the risks can be exacerbated by additional hazards in the workplace, including working around water or in small spaces.

Benefits of a Safe Environment

When you create a safe work environment, your team will be more productive, healthy, and satisfied on the job. You will reduce accidents and downtime, damage to equipment, and absenteeism.

Creating a Safe Marine Workplace

So how do you go about creating a safe marine environment for your employees? Here are a few things you can start with.

Identify Workplace Hazards

Before you implement any policies, it’s essential to inventory the possible workplace hazards. The risk for specific situations is higher in some environments than in others, so make sure you account for the most likely incidents.

Implement Safety Programs

Next, you’ll want to implement a safety program to ensure that everyone has access to resources for a safe workplace. Many companies will hire a safety manager to oversee this program.

Train Your Team

To ensure that everyone remains safe on the job, you’ll need to implement a training program. Every employee should have onboarding safety training and regular training to reinforce safe behaviors throughout the year.

Use Protective Equipment

Consistently enforce the use of safety equipment on the job. The type of equipment will depend on the environment or the job. Give your employees access to this equipment, so no one cuts corners.

Report Unsafe Conditions

If there are problems in the workplace, don’t sweep them under the rug. When you see an unsafe working condition, report it and make the necessary changes to improve it.

Reduce Workplace Stress

Stress is a leading cause of illness and injury. It can contribute to heart disease, strokes, and more. Taking workplace stress seriously will cut down on potential hazards in the workplace and create an environment where your team knows you take their wellbeing seriously.


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