Policies and Procedures: How to Make Sure Your Staff Know the Ins and Outs of Safety in Your Organization

In a shipyard or any manufacturing environment, there will always be risks. While there is no way to prevent workplace injuries from occurring entirely, you can take steps to create the safest possible environment. Here are some ways to develop policies and procedures to ensure your staff knows what they need about safety in your organization.


Include Your Employees in Decision Making

One of the best ways to ensure compliance in your organization is to include your team in the decision-making processes. When establishing a new safety protocol, get input from the team and encourage them to share ideas and thoughts that could make the process easier or more effective.


Identify the Hazards

You’ll also want to identify hazards around your workplace. For example, within a shipyard, wet surfaces can lead to slip and fall accidents, so it’s vital that your team is prepared and understands how to work around these common hazards.


Control Dangerous Situations

In the case of a dangerous situation, it’s essential to know how to control them to keep them from becoming a bigger problem. For example, label high voltage wires, ensure everyone knows where spill kits are, and maintain a first aid station.


Remain in Compliance

Always review what’s required by your local, state, and federal laws regarding safety. Maintaining compliance with OSHA and other governing organizations will help you stay safe and avoid significant fines or challenges to your organization.


Train Employees

Making safety a priority also means keeping up with employee training. Create a training program for new employees as a part of their orientation. Provide continued training at regular intervals throughout someone’s time on the job. And make sure you offer training on any new protocol as soon as possible.


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