When is the Right Time to Ask for a Raise?

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We all want to think that getting a raise is a part of doing a great job, but sometimes we have to ask for that additional pay bump. How do you ask your boss for a raise, and when is the right time to broach the subject? Here is a quick guide to asking about raises in your maritime career.


If Your Workload Increases Significantly

Did you accept more work and continue to perform at that level? You may qualify for a raise. Before you approach your manager, consider these things:

  • How long have you been handling the increased workload?
  • Is it common for this role to pay more?
  • Can you justify the raise with your progress and productivity reports?


If It’s Been More Than a Year

It’s customary for companies to increase wages each year. This often comes in the form of what’s referred to as a “cost of living” raise. If you haven’t received any increased compensation, but you’ve been in your position for more than a year, it may be time to have a conversation with your management team.


During a Performance Review

Performance reviews are also an excellent place to ask for an increase in your pay rate. Performance reviews are intended to provide you with additional guidance moving forward. They are also a time for your management team to share how you’ve improved or succeeded since the last review. This is the right opportunity if you come prepared and can justify a pay increase.


If You Discover, You’re Underpaid

There has long been a convention that employees were not supposed to discuss their wages; however, this notion has been challenged recently. It’s federally illegal to restrict the discussion of pay in the workplace. To ensure that everyone is paid fairly for the same work, evaluating what’s expected in your industry is essential. If you discover you’re underpaid compared to others in the same role, it’s time to talk to management.


When Accepting a New Job

Of course, your current job isn’t your only opportunity for a raise. If you are looking for another job, you have a chance to build in a raise. Remember that your previous salary doesn’t need to be discussed during this process. Instead, base your negotiations on what that type of job typically pays in your area.

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