The Key To Simplifying Your Job Search

Are you looking for a new job? The general advice is to treat your job search like you’d treat a job. It pays to determine the most efficient ways to perform each process. If you want to simplify your job search, spend less time, and maximize the results, here are a few ways to get organized, keep track of your applications, and stay on top of the process.


Create a Spreadsheet

The best way to simplify your job search is to stay as organized as possible. By creating a spreadsheet or another type of chart, you can track the jobs you’ve applied for and how soon you should follow up. You can track phone screens and interviews, too. This will ensure that nothing falls through the cracks and that you don’t duplicate efforts.


Use Google Calendar

For your schedule, nothing beats Google Calendar. You can use a paper calendar or another app, but the benefits of Google calendar are that you can access it online from your laptop or smartphone. For example, if you’re at an interview and they want you to come in to meet the VP, you can look it up right there and not double book yourself.


Set up Alerts

Google alerts are another great tool to use. Go to Google.Com/Alerts and type in any search terms that will help you as you look for your next job. Job postings can come from anywhere, and with an alert, you won’t miss something new that you didn’t even know to look for. You can create multiple alerts for different job titles or companies.


Download a Job Search App

Make sure you use the latest technology to help you find a job. Apps are not just for ordering food or playing games. All major job boards have apps that you can use easily from your smartphone or tablet. Top apps include:

  • ZipRecruiter
  • Indeed
  • GlassDoor
  • LinkedIn


Focus on Quality over Quantity

There used to be a belief that finding a job was a numbers game. You apply to as many positions as possible, hoping to receive a call back. That’s no longer the case, and it may have never been the best advice. Instead, focus on quality. Make sure you’re applying to jobs that match your experience and skill set and are companies where you can see yourself working long-term.


Applying with a staffing agency will help you find your next job. Contact Hutco to see what we’re working on today.