Overcoming Obstacles & Getting on Track to Reach Your Goals

We all know that goal setting is essential, but what happens when we don’t follow through? It’s like a New Year’s resolution. We’re all in on the first of the year, but as the month wanes, it becomes more challenging to keep up with the idea. But goal setting is a very positive habit to develop, so there are ways you can overcome obstacles and get back on track.


Be Realistic

Many people lose focus on their goals because they aren’t attainable. When planning your goals, make sure you’re being realistic. It’s not likely that you’ll go from a production position to the CEO of a company in less than a year. So consider the trajectory and how long it will take you to accomplish your goals if you take the appropriate steps.


Avoid Vanity Goals

Another reason people lose track of their goals is they’re made for the wrong reasons. If you’re setting your goals to impress others, they might not be the best option. Instead, your goals should be about furthering your efforts and making the things happen that you want to accomplish for yourself.


Break Goals into Doable Tasks

Sometimes it can be hard to see the forest through the trees, but you still need to know what trees are in your path. Yes, keep your focus on the result but know what tasks you need to accomplish to get there. For every goal, write down the tasks and the timeline you would like to take to complete them.


Keep It Simple

It’s also possible that your goal is so complex that it would take an act of congress to make them happen. Always keep your goals simple to help you stay on track. If a goal is demoralizing, it won’t help you achieve it. For example, if you tell yourself you will fail if you don’t get the next job, you’re not looking at the simple answers. Instead, tell yourself that every part of a job search is teaching you something.


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