6 Questions You Should Be Asking In Ship Fitter Interviews

Are you hiring for ship fitters this year? This complex career means you must be discerning when bringing new talent into your shipyard. Here are the top questions you should ask in ship fitter interviews to better understand how they can help your organization.


How Familiar Are You With Ship Fitting Tools?

To evaluate someone based on your shipyard position, you need to know if they’re familiar with the tools of the trade. This is especially true for ship fitters. You’ll want to be aware of the tools you use specifically so you can gauge their response appropriately.


What Skills Do You Believe Make You Effective?

Being efficient and effective on the job isn’t just about knowing how to be a ship fitter. Here, you’re looking for the soft skills that they use to help propel them to success. This can include anything from ingenuity, problem-solving, or communication.


What Steps Do You Take to Fix a Hole in the Hull of a Ship?

This allows you to see how each candidate would resolve the same problem. This way, you can judge apples to apples when making your final hiring decision. It’s okay if the steps aren’t exactly the way your facility does, but as long as they understand how it should be approached and critical factors such as safety.


Tell Me About Your Most Challenging Project as a Ship Fitter

You can learn much about someone based on how they handle a crisis. You will hear about their process when you ask them about a challenging situation. You want to listen for information about how they worked with others, solved the problem, and moved forward.


How Well Do You Work Under Pressure?

Similarly, the shipbuilding industry can be under high pressure with lots of adherence to deadlines and requirements from customers and contracts. You want to know that this ship fitter has what it takes to work through these challenges and come out on top.


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