Industrial Job Openings In Tampa, Florida

Are you looking for a job in the Tampa, Florida, area? With a lot of access to shipbuilding on the gulf and plenty of manufacturing and industrial workplaces, finding a job in this area of the country can be a great way to advance your career. Here are the top industrial job openings in Tampa, Florida.


Structural Welder

In the shipbuilding industry, structural welders create the metal framework for the ship itself. Structural welders also work on bridges and buildings as well as manufacturing, mining, energy, and aerospace industries. With a background in structural welding, you can find a great industrial job in Tampa, Florida.


Pipe Welder

Another type of welding position, Pipe Welder or Pipeliners, is also in demand. Pipe welders join and repair tubes and pipe components. These assemblies are part of the construction of ships, buildings, and other structures or pipelines. They often require work in tight spaces, and these roles are always sought after.


Ship Fitter

A specialized role in shipbuilding is a ship fitter. Ship fitters fabricate and lay out the metal used for repairing and building ships. They are responsible for cutting and welding using a variety of techniques. They also provide metal forming, rigging, and bending. And they must know how to weld, repair, and design plate or pipe material.


Painter and Blaster

Painters or blasters are skilled tradespeople who understand how to apply coatings using a variety of application processes. This includes applying paint with conventional brush and roller tools and operating spray guns and other blasting tools. Someone knowledgeable about various painting methods has a lot of growth potential in the Tampa area.


Crane Operator

Another role in high demand throughout the gulf coast is a crane operator. Knowing how to control cranes and working with a variety of types of materials is critical. A crane operator attaches loads and hoists them for safe placement or removal. A crane operator may also be responsible for setting up and repairing their equipment.


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