Enticing Younger Workers To Work A Skilled Trade

For a long time, our country pushed the narrative that college was the only path to success for young high school graduates. But crippling student debt has soured many individuals on higher education. Many young adults are considering their alternatives. The demand for skilled trade workers is higher than the supply, so encouraging young people to pursue trade jobs is a viable solution.

Here’s how.


Reach Them Where They Are

The power of social media is massive, and it can be the best possible place to source new talent. Start by becoming a subject matter expert and sharing your expertise online. It can be a gateway for many people who interact with your social media accounts to discover more information and consider a career in the trades.


Volunteer Your Time

Outreach is another avenue to reaching young people, especially those who might be considering what happens after they graduate from school. Volunteer your time to work with a local high school or community organization to showcase what you do in your field and how young people can get started.


Offer Factory Tours

Hosting an open house during non-production hours is another opportunity to allow members of the community and their families to see what happens inside your production facility. Do demonstrations of the type of work that happens every day. Provide safety presentations. Let visitors talk to employees to learn more about what they do and how they started.


Encourage Tinkering

To get an early start, offer opportunities for younger students to take up tinkering. Maybe sponsor a science program with a local organization such as scouting. Encourage kids to get hands-on experience with putting things together and taking them apart. You never know when you’ll tap into talent that needs to be encouraged.


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