Why Are My Job Postings Not Getting Applications?

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions today about work ethic and job seekers. Companies posting jobs aren’t seeing the responses they had in previous years, and many jump to conclusions about the lack of commitment from potential applicants. But there are many reasons people aren’t applying to your job postings, and you can fix them.

Here are some of the most common reasons your job posting isn’t getting any interest.


Too General

Job descriptions are to job seekers as resumes are to hiring managers. You need to provide enough information that talented individuals are interested in applying for your job. A job description that’s too general will not provide enough details to attract the attention of qualified people for your role. You should include the tasks, requirements, and a little about your company culture. Tell someone why they want to work with you.


Requirements are Unrealistic

Not all requirements are cut and dry. When you list too many conditions to weed out unqualified applicants, you can also dissuade qualified people from applying. Sometimes it’s impossible to have all of the skills listed as essential. Differentiate between what is a must-have and what is nice to have.


No Roadmap for Growth

Today’s employees aren’t satisfied without knowing that this job can sustain them into the future. You don’t have to promise the moon, but let applicants know there is room for growth within your organization. You can share that there are future opportunities for employees who show dedication and aptitude.


No Salary Range Provided

Some states, such as Colorado, have made salary transparency the law. It’s time every business followed suit. Not providing a salary range sends candidates looking elsewhere with companies that do. You don’t have to commit to an exact pay rate, but give the typical range and be sure that you’re staying competitive for your area and the type of job.


No Details on Benefits and Culture

Don’t forget to add benefits and company culture to the job description. What else do you provide besides salary? What would entice someone to work with you versus applying with your competition? What makes you unique as an employer? These are great for a job description to attract top talent.


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