Should You Work With A Recruiter To Find Your Next Position?

How do you look for new jobs? The trades are often where who you know is very important to landing a great job, so why not expand your network to include recruiters? If you’ve been scouring online job sites or checking in with your contacts but still haven’t found a position, working with a recruiter is your next logical step. The trade industries have a national talent shortage, so you’re in high demand. Be where people are looking. Here’s why you should work with a recruiter to help you find your next job.


Access to a Wider Range of Opportunities

Working with a recruiter expands your network exponentially. Recruiters have established relationships with clients looking for the skills that you have. They will work with you to find an opportunity that matches your skill set and interests. By working with a recruiter, you’ll have access to positions that are unavailable through other means, such as online job boards or networking. g


Can Sell Your Skills to Their Clients

Your recruiter also becomes your chief of sales and biggest cheerleader. When you send your resume to an online job posting, you can only trust that someone will read it. But when a recruiter submits your resume, they are in direct contact with the hiring manager. They can share why they believe you’re a good fit for the position and advance to the next part of the interview process.


Experience with Negotiating on Your Behalf

Your recruiter will also be your advocate when it comes time to accept an offer. If there is any wiggle room in the salary for negotiation, your recruiter is in the best position to help you through that experience. They know what the job pays, the competition in the area, and what your experience level commands. It’s in their best interest to get you an excellent pay rate.


Will Become Your Support System on the Job

Your relationship with your recruiter doesn’t end once you accept a position. If you’re working on a temporary basis, your recruiter can be your point of contact for any questions or concerns you have along the way. If hired directly, you should still maintain a professional relationship with your recruiter. If anything changes in your career in the future, they once again become a go-to resource.


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