Are You Listening to Your Employees’ Concerns?

By Kristen Wakulchuk / July 9, 2019

Do you listen to your employees when they bring up concerns in your shipyard? Some managers choose to dismiss their team when concerns are mentioned, but this can be a fatal mistake.

3 Tips on How to Handle Being Overstaffed

By Kristen Wakulchuk / July 5, 2019

Having too many people on the job sounds like the opposite of a problem, but it can be as big an issue to be overstaffed as it is to be understaffed.

Stuck in a Rut? Here’s What to Do

By Kristen Wakulchuk / July 2, 2019

Your shipyard career is not static. Like any other aspect of your life, if you find that something isn’t working for you, it’s time to change.

5 Most Important Benefits to Offer When Hiring

By Kristen Wakulchuk / June 30, 2019

It’s important to provide a competitive pay rate for employees in your shipyard. But there are also benefits you should be offering to keep top talent.

Should You Be Wearing Contacts While Welding?

By Kristen Wakulchuk / June 26, 2019

Anyone who wears contacts understands the challenges of poor vision. But is it safe to wear your contacts while welding? In many cases, there are jobs that can’t be done when you wear contacts and it’s preferable to wear glasses, safety glasses or goggles.

Pipefitters 101: Skills to Get the Job

By Kristen Wakulchuk / June 20, 2019

A pipefitter does just that. They lay out pipes according to blueprints, assemble them, install them, and maintain the entire system including supports.

The Importance of Hiring for Gender Diversity in a “Man’s Field”

By Kristen Wakulchuk / June 18, 2019

Our culture has a long history of segregating jobs based on gender. In spite of the fact that many women took on roles similar to those found in the modern shipyard during World War II, the 1950s saw a return to what people considered traditional gender roles, and women were once again forced out of …

3 Tips on How to Effectively Save Money

By Kristen Wakulchuk / June 14, 2019

Have you considered how you can save more of the money you make from your shipyard job? It’s helpful to have a plan in place for your financial health.

Understanding the Different Types of Welding Gloves

By Kristen Wakulchuk / June 11, 2019

Welding is an essential skill in a shipyard. And your professionals rely on you to be protected and safe in the workplace.

Should You Be Getting Involved In Your Employees’ Personal Lives?

By Laura LaVoie / June 6, 2019

You’ve probably read that you need to get to know your employees on a personal level in order to effectively manage them.