How To Answer Tough Interview Questions

By Laura LaVoie / December 26, 2018

Before every job offer there is the dreaded gauntlet that is the job interview. No matter what role you want in the company, you need to get past the gatekeepers that hold the keys to those positions.

Generational Differences In The Way We Communicate At Work

By Laura LaVoie / December 21, 2018

The marine industry is evolving. Baby boomers with shipbuilding skills are retiring, or will be soon, and it isn’t just Generation X that’s replacing them.

What Makes A Truly Exceptional Resume?

By Laura LaVoie / December 18, 2018

Shipbuilding is a very specialized industry, and that means your resume needs to be specialized to attract the attention of the hiring manager.

The 4 Most Common Workplace Injuries

By Laura LaVoie / December 13, 2018

Safety is a top priority for Hutco and the shipbuilding industry. One of the best ways to prevent workplace accidents in the shipyard is to be aware of the most common causes and mitigate them through safety training and providing the proper tools.

Recognizing And Handling An Unhappy Employee

By Laura LaVoie / December 10, 2018

The signs you’re expecting when it comes to an unhappy employee aren’t always the signs that are there.

Understanding The Hiring Process

By Laura LaVoie / December 6, 2018

Every company has a different set of procedures when it comes to hiring new shipyard employees. So how can you know what to expect every time you submit your resume to an open position? There are a few things you can keep in mind as you navigate the process.

What To Wear To Your Shipyard Interview

By Laura LaVoie / December 3, 2018

So, you’re interviewing for a shipyard job. Whether it’s your first job in the industry or you’re a seasoned employee, you may be stressing out over what to wear to your interview.

The Future Of Shipbuilding Will Change With These 5 Technologies

By Laura LaVoie / November 27, 2018

Shipbuilding has come a long way since our earliest seafaring ancestors. From Viking long ships to luxury cruisers, it’s always been the advancement of technology that informs the evolution of the industry.

Want To Become A Leader? Take These Steps

By Laura LaVoie / November 21, 2018

There are a variety of roles within a shipyard, but often advancement comes with leadership positions.

How Robotics Are Affecting Shipbuilding

By Laura LaVoie / November 16, 2018

Even though it sounds like science fiction, experts believe that many work places will be automated completely by 2055.