How Are You Eliminating Safety Hazards for Your Workers’ Hands?

By Hutco Inc / May 8, 2017

There are a lot of safety risks in a shipyard. You are certainly aware of the big risks including falling or eye protection.


What Gets Your Cover Letter Noticed

By Hutco Inc / May 4, 2017

Do you have a cover letter to help sell your resume to your next marine employer? You may not have thought about a cover letter in a long time.


Keeping Your Employees Safe in the Summer Months

By Hutco Inc / April 27, 2017

Laboring outdoors, or in tight spaces, while working in a shipyard has more than a few health hazards.


How Can You Take the Next Step in Your Marine Career?

By Hutco Inc / April 25, 2017

You want to take your marine career to the next level. What are your next steps to ensure that you’re giving yourself a fair shake and a good chance at advancing your career? Don’t think of your shipyard work as just a job, but consider it a career and take yourself seriously.


What Can You Do to Be Proactive About Shipyard Quality?

By Hutco Inc / April 20, 2017

The success of your shipbuilding business hinges on how you handle the quality process. Without it, clients will be unhappy and further production will be limited.


Is Your Facebook Profile Hurting Your Job Search?

By Hutco Inc / April 19, 2017

With the use of social media becoming so popular in our culture, more and more employers are taking to the internet to review their candidate’s online social presence before making an offer.

Five Ways to Improve Shipyard Safety

By Hutco Inc / April 13, 2017

Safety may be the number one concern for many ship building companies. You need to maintain safety among your crew and still produce a quality product in a timely fashion for your clients.


Are You Misusing These Shipyard Terms?

By Hutco Inc / April 11, 2017

Like many other specialized industries, shipbuilding and the marine environment has a certain set of definitions that must be understood by professionals.


What Will Improve Quality Management?

By Hutco Inc / April 6, 2017

Quality management is essential to a successful marine operation. Each product you turn out needs to be perfect before launching.


Should You Quit Your Marine Job Before You Have Another One?

By Hutco Inc / April 4, 2017

Not every person is cut out for every job. And with a physically demanding job, like working in a shipyard or other marine environment, it can feel like the weight of the world if you are dissatisfied.