Tips For Retaining Your Best Shipyard Employees

By Caitlin Dwyer / October 28, 2019

Do you know if your top performers are truly happy in their jobs? You may not realize it, but they could already be thinking about their next career move.

Retaining shipyard employees

Is Your Resume Full of Skeletons?

By Caitlin Dwyer / October 22, 2019

Skeletons may be out and about this holiday season, but they don’t need to be haunting your resume.

skeletons in your resume

What New Technology is Coming to the Shipyard Industry?

By Caitlin Dwyer / October 17, 2019

Technology is making a significant impact on all aspects of manufacturing and fabrication. The same is most certainly true for shipbuilding.

Technology in shipping industry

How Do I Begin My Career Search?

By Caitlin Dwyer / October 15, 2019

Sometimes it’s a good idea to get back to basics. If you don’t know where to begin with your job search, it’s best to start at the beginning.

Where to start your job search

5 Ways to Use Social Media to Find Top Talent

By Caitlin Dwyer / October 10, 2019

You may not think your shipyard needs a social media presence, but you might be surprised to learn how many people are using these platforms to find jobs.

Using social media to find shipyard talent

What to Include on a Resume if You Have No Job Experience

By Caitlin Dwyer / October 8, 2019

You want a marine industry job, but you don’t have any previous experience in a shipyard. You may not have any prior experience in anything besides a few after-school jobs or things you don’t think belong a resume.

Resume With No Experience

Tips To Improve Quality of Management in Your Shipyard

By Caitlin Dwyer / October 4, 2019

Your shipyard employees are only as good as their management team. You need to know how to effectively and efficiently manage every aspect of the manufacturing and fabrication of your client’s final product.

Management Tips for Shipyard Employees

What Not To Do During Your Next Shipyard Interview

By Caitlin Dwyer / October 2, 2019

Interviewing is the perfect chance to make a great impression on a shipyard employer. But time and time again, candidates make simple mistakes that cause them to be rejected.

What Not To Do During Interview

How to Protect Your Employees From Injury

By Kristen Wakulchuk / September 27, 2019

Safety is a critical factor in so many companies and especially the shipyard. As people are working around dangerous equipment, water, fire, heights, and large materials, you need to ensure that every member of your staff is safe and sound on the job.

Guide for Working With a Recruiter to Find Your Next Job

By Kristen Wakulchuk / September 25, 2019

Can a recruiter help you find your next job? You’ve probably heard other people in the shipyard talk about their experience using a temporary staffing agency to help them find opportunities, but does it work? Recruiters can be an amazing resource and a part of your network, but there are things you can do to …