Warning Signs: Is It Time To Find A New Job?

By Caitlin Dwyer / May 18, 2020

Is it time to find a new job? How do you know? There are plenty of warning signs to give you the hints to make a change in your career.

Find a New Job

5 Lightning Safety Tips To Protect Your Crew

By Caitlin Dwyer / May 11, 2020

While a lot of other industries don’t have to consider how weather impacts their day-to-day work, those who staff shipyards do.

lightning safety

12 Tips For Surviving Your First Day On The Job

By Caitlin Dwyer / May 4, 2020

Everyone has a first day on a new job. It’s normal to feel those first-time jitters, even if you’ve done this kind of work for a long time.

first day on job

One On One: 8 Tips For Conducting an Effective Performance Review

By Caitlin Dwyer / April 27, 2020

No one loves performance reviews. Managers don’t love doing them and employees don’t love getting them.

tips for conducting performance review

Important Skilled Rigger Qualities 5/5: Training and Certification

By Caitlin Dwyer / April 20, 2020

Over the last few months, we’ve discussed the qualities, experience, and job opportunities for skilled riggers.

Important skilled rigger qualities: training and certification

Lift With Your Brain – Training Your Workers How To Properly Move Materials In The Workplace

By Caitlin Dwyer / April 13, 2020

Back injuries are some of the most common in workplaces, especially in fabrication, warehouse or manufacturing like a shipyard.

lift with your brain

Is a Career as a Maritime Welder Right For You?

By Caitlin Dwyer / April 6, 2020

Are you interested in welding? Or maybe you have a welding background and are looking for a new opportunity.

Career as a maritime welder

Fit To Work: 6 Ways a Health and Wellness Program Can Boost Productivity

By Caitlin Dwyer / March 23, 2020

Have you considered adding a wellness program to your shipyard? Providing tools for your staff to make smarter and healthier choices can benefit both the individuals and your company as well.

wellness at work

Important Skilled Rigger Qualities 4/5: Ability to Climb

By Caitlin Dwyer / March 16, 2020

In our ongoing series about skilled riggers, their duties, and requirements for the job, we’ve talked about a number of aspects.

ability to climb

Returning To Work – 5 Ways You Can Retain Employees After A Workplace Injury

By Caitlin Dwyer / March 9, 2020

No matter how hard you try to avoid workplace injuries, there is always a risk in an environment like a shipyard.

Returning to work