Are You Spending Too Much Time Looking for Qualified Workers?

By Hutco Inc / April 26, 2023

The maritime industry ebbs and flows just like the sea itself. There have been challenges lately with finding qualified employees to take on your marine industry positions.

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Should You Work With A Recruiter To Find Your Next Position?

By Hutco Inc / April 19, 2023

How do you look for new jobs? The trades are often where who you know is very important to landing a great job, so why not expand your network to include recruiters? If you’ve been scouring online job sites or checking in with your contacts but still haven’t found a position, working with a recruiter …

Signs It Might Be Time to Rethink Your Hiring Strategy

By Hutco Inc / April 12, 2023

Growth in your manufacturing business is critical to the future. But a company must embrace new things, including technology, processes, and people, to grow.

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What Should You Wear To A Warehouse Interview in 2023?  

By Hutco Inc / April 5, 2023

The age-old question: what do you wear to a warehouse interview? While warehouses are usually casual environments, with work typically done wearing boots and jeans, people always want to provide a great first impression.

Enticing Younger Workers To Work A Skilled Trade

By Scott Hutchison / March 29, 2023

For a long time, our country pushed the narrative that college was the only path to success for young high school graduates.

Positive or Negative? Exploring The Outlook Of Trade Work

By Scott Hutchison / March 15, 2023

Is trade work right for you? The outlook on trade work for the next several years is trending positive.

Why Are My Job Postings Not Getting Applications?

By Scott Hutchison / March 8, 2023

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions today about work ethic and job seekers. Companies posting jobs aren’t seeing the responses they had in previous years, and many jump to conclusions about the lack of commitment from potential applicants.

Marine Industry Job Openings In Louisiana

By Scott Hutchison / March 1, 2023

Are you looking for a job in Louisiana? The coastal areas are home to shipbuilding, manufacturing, and industrial workplaces.

6 Questions You Should Be Asking In Ship Fitter Interviews

By Scott Hutchison / February 28, 2023

Are you hiring for ship fitters this year? This complex career means you must be discerning when bringing new talent into your shipyard.

Choosing The Best Work Boots

By Scott Hutchison / February 15, 2023

Over the last several years, we’ve looked at the workboots available on the market. Since boots are often discontinued or replaced with newer models, it’s good to consider your options.