Incorporating Ergonomics in Your Shipyard Can Decrease Accidents

By Caitlin Dwyer / July 27, 2021

Ergonomics is the study of how people work comfortably and efficiently in their workplace. It can include many aspects, including the type of desk or chair you sit in when working.

Incorporating Ergonomics

Top 6 Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

By Caitlin Dwyer / July 20, 2021

Interviewing can feel like an impossible challenge. And it feels more frustrating the more you’ve spent on the hunt, which means that you’ve heard very similar questions from various potential employers.

interview questions

Safeguarding Workers From Falls: Falls From Elevations

By Caitlin Dwyer / July 13, 2021

Shipyards have a lot of potential hazards. From the potential danger of the water to the small enclosed spaces where employees must work, shipbuilding has its share of workplace risks.


How to Avoid Getting Hurt on the Job Site

By Caitlin Dwyer / July 6, 2021

Distractions are often a part of any job. But distractions are always what can cause major accidents.

avoid getting hurt

4 Things to Improve Your Claims Strategy

By Caitlin Dwyer / June 28, 2021

In high-risk jobs, like a shipyard, it’s always a good idea to create strategies that reduce the number of claims you will see on the job.

improve claims strategy

Irregular Work Schedule? These Tips Will Help You Stay Productive

By Caitlin Dwyer / June 21, 2021

Some careers aren’t standard 9 to 5 jobs. When you’re working an unpredictable schedule, it can become a challenge to stay productive.

irregular work schedule

7 Tips for Safeguarding Workers from Falls

By Caitlin Dwyer / June 14, 2021

Falls are one of the most common causes of accidents in the workplace. OSHA attributes them to high numbers of workers’ compensation claims each year.

fall safety

Top Skills to Highlight on Your Machinist Resume

By Caitlin Dwyer / June 7, 2021

Are you looking for a job as a machinist in a shipyard? Your skills are highly valuable, so you want to stand out to a hiring manager when applying for a new job.

top skills machinist

Mapping the Way to Better Maintenance: Find Better Maintenance Crew Candidates

By Caitlin Dwyer / May 24, 2021

There are a lot of essential positions in your shipyard. Your maintenance crew is one of those key puzzle pieces.

Shipyard Safety

How Positivity Can Affect Your Shipyard

By Caitlin Dwyer / May 17, 2021

Positivity may be more important than you realize. And creating a culture of positivity in your shipyard has the potential to increase employee and customer satisfaction, productivity, and efficiency.

Returning to work