How Can Management Set the Tone for Safety with Your Marine Company?

Safety is paramount. And even if you have a culture of safety at your worksite, it is imperative that your management team sets the tone for your employees. Marine companies have special considerations that other industries may not have, so it is imperative that everyone have the right buy-in for the safety programs you have place. Before you make any drastic changes, consider the ways that your executives are making a safety a priority.

How do you put safety first?

Is safety a priority for your management team? The best way to encourage safe behaviors among your employees is to lead by example. How can you make safety a priority for your company? Create policies and regulations that are visible and easy to follow. Make no exceptions for behavior even for management or leadership positions. Start from the top down to ensure that your employees see that safety is part of your corporate culture.

How have you invested in training?

Safety isn’t a one-time orientation and then forget about it. A safety training program that onboards new employees and reinforces rules for existing employees is crucial for creating a safe environment. Just having a handbook and signs isn’t enough. Bring in experts to help with safety training. Create a safety department with a dedicated manager to enforce training and policies.

How do you enforce rules and regulations?

So what happens if a safety rule is ignored? What happens if the result is an accident or injury? Before it gets to that point, make sure that you are consistently enforcing safety regulations for the entire team. Create a process for correcting behaviors that don’t fit the requirements for the overall safety program and enforce it.

Do you reward safe behavior?

However, safety shouldn’t always be considered a dire topic. Yes, it is important, but that is why positive reinforcement is as important as training and reprimands. When you see your team engaging in safe behavior in your workplace, develop a rewards program that will recognize their actions and contributions. As other team members see this positive method, they will begin to change their behaviors in a safer way.

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