Fit To Work: 6 Ways a Health and Wellness Program Can Boost Productivity

By Caitlin Dwyer / March 23, 2020

Have you considered adding a wellness program to your shipyard? Providing tools for your staff to make smarter and healthier choices can benefit both the individuals and your company as well.

wellness at work

Important Skilled Rigger Qualities 4/5: Ability to Climb

By Caitlin Dwyer / March 16, 2020

In our ongoing series about skilled riggers, their duties, and requirements for the job, we’ve talked about a number of aspects.

ability to climb

Returning To Work – 5 Ways You Can Retain Employees After A Workplace Injury

By Caitlin Dwyer / March 9, 2020

No matter how hard you try to avoid workplace injuries, there is always a risk in an environment like a shipyard.

Returning to work

Dress For The Job You Want: What Is The Proper Attire For An Industrial Job Interview?

By Caitlin Dwyer / March 2, 2020

There is a lot of information about what to wear to an interview when you’re going for an office job or a professional role.

Early Is On Time: Correcting The Chronically Late Employee

By Caitlin Dwyer / February 24, 2020

Do you have a problem with employees arriving to work late? We all know that employee tardiness is a significant problem in terms of productivity and the morale of your other team members.

Early is on time

Important Skilled Rigger Qualities 3/5: Math and Calculations

By Caitlin Dwyer / February 17, 2020

Over the last several months, we’ve reviewed the most important skills that riggers need to bring to the table in the shipyard and other shipping applications.

Important Skilled Rigger Qualities

Welding Safety Tips – How To Complete A Hazard Assessment

By Caitlin Dwyer / February 10, 2020

There are many potential hazards within a shipyard. Your welders, for example, are often working in tight spaces with hot materials, fire, and heavy safety gear.

welding safety tips

Best Foot Forward: Which Work Boot Is Right For You? 

By Caitlin Dwyer / February 3, 2020

Did you know that the right work boot can make all the difference in a shipyard? You need to take into consideration all of the aspects from comfort to safety when you buy your next pair of work boots.

Work boot that is right for you

Why You Should Be Retraining Employees, Not Firing Them

By Caitlin Dwyer / January 27, 2020

It’s been the same for time and memorial. An employee isn’t working out on the job, and they’re fired.

Retaining Employees

Important Skilled Rigger Qualities 2/5: Verbal & Hand Signal Communication

By Caitlin Dwyer / January 20, 2020

Rigging is an essential part of the shipping industry. Large materials need to be hoisted into position using very specific equipment.

Rigger Communication