Why Building a Strong Relationship with Your Staffing Agency is Essential

By HMG DMA / September 27, 2023

Building a solid relationship with your staffing agency is essential for a business that relies on contingent or temporary workers to meet its workforce needs.

5 Skills Every Marine Professional Should Have

By HMG DMA / September 20, 2023

Shipyard and shipbuilding marine professionals play critical roles in ships’ construction, repair, and maintenance.

Why Investing in Employee Safety is Good for Business

By HMG DMA / September 13, 2023

Investing in employee safety is an ethical obligation and a wise business decision. Prioritizing employee safety can bring several benefits to the organization.

The Power of Body Language in Job Interviews

By HMG DMA / September 6, 2023

Body language can significantly affect how a job seeker is perceived during an interview. By being mindful of your nonverbal cues and ensuring that your body language aligns with your words, you can leave a positive and lasting impression, increasing your chances of success in the interview process.

The Benefits of Using a Staffing Agency for Your Hiring Needs

By Hutco Inc / August 23, 2023

Can working with a staffing agency to help with your hiring needs give you a leg up in the industry? Several best practices exist for writing job postings and communicating what’s most important for your company culture.

The Ultimate Guide to Launching a Successful Career in the Marine Industry

By Hutco Inc / August 16, 2023

Launching a successful career in the marine industry requires a combination of education, training, skills, and practical experience.

Tips for Creating an Effective Job Posting

By Hutco Inc / August 9, 2023

How do you find new talent for your open jobs? Did you know partnering with a staffing agency like Hutco can give you an advantage? Hutco can help you access a larger pool of candidates and reduce your time-to-hire.

Advancing Your Career in the Marine and Industrial Industries

By Hutco Inc / August 2, 2023

Are you considering a career in the marine or industrial industries? Taking on this kind of work is an excellent opportunity to develop new skills for in-demand positions.

Why Direct-To-Hire Jobs Are A Great Opportunity For Job Seekers

By Hutco Inc / July 19, 2023

Looking for a job can feel overwhelming. You don’t know where to look and don’t always hear back after you submit a resume.

How Can You Be Sure It’s The Right Time To Hire?

By Hutco Inc / July 12, 2023

Payroll is a considerable expense to your business. This means you probably want to make sure you need to add staff before you hire.