Creating A Culture That Blue-Collar Workers Respect

By HMG DMA / January 25, 2023

There’s a lot of uncertainty in 2023. Still, we know that keeping loyal and engaged workers in our manufacturing, fabrication, and production jobs will be a critical step to avoiding a major crisis.

Is Trade Work Right For You?

By HMG DMA / January 18, 2023

There is a lot of debate today about what is and isn’t a good career path. As many people struggle with high student loan debt, going to a trade school might be more attractive to many people entering the workforce.

Pros and Cons Of 8 Types Of Welding

By HMG DMA / January 11, 2023

There are eight different types of welding. When hiring new welders, how do you know if their specific experience fits the kind of work you do? There are pros and cons of each type of welding that might be a better fit for your fabrication and shipyard work.

Why You Should Be Regularly Updating Your Resume

By HMG DMA / January 4, 2023

Is it time to update your resume? Even if you’re not actively looking for a new job, you can make your life more difficult if you’re not regularly updating your resume.

Are You Focusing too much on a Candidate’s Resume?

By HMG DMA / December 28, 2022

How exactly are you supposed to know if a candidate is a good fit for your open job? Sure, you can read their resume, but that only opens the door; it doesn’t give you the whole picture.

Overcoming Obstacles & Getting on Track to Reach Your Goals

By HMG DMA / December 21, 2022

We all know that goal setting is essential, but what happens when we don’t follow through? It’s like a New Year’s resolution.

How to Stand Out when Competing for Top Talent

By HMG DMA / December 14, 2022

It’s a job seekers market. Even with all the other economic factors we’re facing, there are still more open jobs than talent to fill them.

Should You Switch Jobs Again?

By HMG DMA / December 7, 2022

There used to be a stigma against people who were termed “job hoppers.” But today’s job market has meant people switch jobs more frequently.

Tips for Dealing with a Negative Coworker

By HMG DMA / November 26, 2022

There are all kinds of nicknames for those people in the office who drag everyone down. Sometimes avoiding the Grumpy Gus on your team is next to impossible.

How to Ensure Unbiased Hiring

By HMG DMA / November 19, 2022

Managers don’t want to admit that they bring biased thinking to hiring decisions. The real problem is that most of this bias is unconscious.