Ways for Women to Excel in the Maritime Industry

By Kristen Wakulchuk / August 22, 2019

Let’s get this out of the way first: Women can do anything and everything within a shipyard. And the maritime industry needs more women in roles from the shipbuilding floor to the highest levels of management.

Guide to Becoming a More Effective Leader

By Kristen Wakulchuk / August 20, 2019

What is the difference between a boss, a supervisor or a manger? All of these are leadership roles and it takes skill, perseverance, and talent to be effective.

5 Things You Need to Know Before Starting Your Welding Job

By Kristen Wakulchuk / August 16, 2019

Welding, especially in a shipyard, is an essential skill and those willing to become proficient are able to find great opportunities in the industry.

4 Reasons Why Background Checks Are so Important

By Kristen Wakulchuk / August 9, 2019

How do you know you’re hiring the right people for your shipyard? Do you run background checks on all your employees? With more tools than ever before available to employers, it’s a good idea to evaluate what works for you and how to use them to hire top talent.

How to Stay Safe in the Shipyard From Summer Heat

By Kristen Wakulchuk / August 5, 2019

Summer heat is nothing to joke about. When you don’t have the luxury of air conditioning in your shipyard, it can feel even more brutal.

5 Tips to Manage an Overtly Arrogant Employee

By Kristen Wakulchuk / July 30, 2019

Most managers can share this experience; you have an employee in your shipyard who believes they know all the answers.

Do You Have the Right Skills to Work in a Shipyard?

By Kristen Wakulchuk / July 26, 2019

Have you thought about working within a shipyard environment? There are a lot of potential jobs within a shipyard, but you need to bring specific skills to the table.

Should You Be Making Physical Ability Testing Part of Pre-Employment?

By Kristen Wakulchuk / July 23, 2019

Work in a shipyard is difficult. It’s often a lot of heavy work in a hot and unforgiving environment.

How Engaged Are You With Your Job?

By Kristen Wakulchuk / July 19, 2019

Burnout is real, and it affects people in all kinds of jobs, including at a shipyard. How engaged do you feel with your job right now? Do you think there are things you would rather be doing? Do you slack off in your work because you’re just not feeling it? Or are you interested in learning new …

Does an Apprenticeship Fit Into My Career Path?

By Kristen Wakulchuk / July 12, 2019

What do you want to do in your shipyard career? If you’re just starting out, you may be getting a feel for the various roles and things you can do within a shipyard environment.