Tips on Properly Conducting Interviews with Your Candidates

As an employer, you expect that your candidates come to the interview table prepared. They should have done research on your company, dressed professionally, and practiced how to speak confidently about their experience and background. But what about your preparation? Knowing how to interview is a learned behavior, and it’s just as important for you to improve your interviewing skills to ensure you’re selecting the right candidates. Here are some tips on properly conducting interviews with your candidates.

Review their resume.

If you expect the candidate to review the job description and research your company, you should prepare in the same way. You should have a basic understanding of who this candidate is and what they bring to the table. Review their resume to make sure you can discuss key points of their background. You may also want to review their LinkedIn profile.

Prepare interview questions.

Many managers decide they’ll simply wing it once they get into the interview. This can be a fatal mistake when you realize after a bad hire that you might have missed some important information. You also want to be sure you’re asking each candidate the same questions so you can compare apples to apples when making your final decision.

Make a schedule.

You also want to manage expectations and time for each interview. You can do this by developing a schedule. This will allow you to start and end interviews on time, and evaluate whether or not your candidates are able to be on time as well. You can be sure to cover all of the main points that are important for your evaluation.

Create a comfortable setting.

You also want to make sure that the candidates can feel at ease in your meeting. Interviews can be nerve wracking, so don’t compound that by making the process uncomfortable. Some people elect to do interviews in conference rooms, but be careful that you don’t make your candidate feel like they’rein a fishbowl. Also, plan so that you can interview uninterrupted.

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