Top Paying Ship Building Jobs: Fabrication

In our continuing series on the top paying jobs for shipyard professionals, today we’re looking closer at the role of marine fabrication. When it comes to shipbuilding, what does a fabricator do day-to-day? Before you pursue a job in fabrication, it’s helpful to better understand the position and what employers are looking for in qualified candidates. Here are some details that can help you in your career exploration and job search.

  • What does a marine fabricator do? In a shipyard, a marine fabricator is responsible for making the aluminum, stainless steel, fabricated metal, and other products used to build ships and related vessels. Working with these metals includes cutting and shaping for the build as well as repair along the way. Sometimes this position is called a shipwright.
  • What kind of experience do you need? A marine fabricator is someone who has completed an apprenticeship as a marine fabricator or boilermaker. This may also include some aspects of welding. Most programs last around three and a half years and provides all of the education and hands-on experience needed for success in this role. Previous experience within the marine industry may also provide an advantage.
  • What is the general salary range? There are a number of conditions that inform salary ranges so it’s important to do your own research. Pay will depend on skill level and location. However, the median salary for these types of roles appears to be somewhere in the $40,000 to $50,000 annually. Before you seek a marine fabricator position, conduct your own research and talk with experts to prepare for your salary negotiations.
  • How to find a marine fabricator job. Like any marine position, their specialized can make it difficult to break into the industry. However, you can partner with a staffing agency and recruiter to help you find a marine fabricator job in your area. Staffing agencies have already built a network of employers currently hiring and can give you an advantage to find your next shipyard position.

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